K-2 Curriculum

The following lesson plans were designed to prepare your students to gain the most possible benefit from the field trip by familiarizing them with specialized vocabulary and themes prior to the tour.  The lessons are aligned with Missouri and Kansas state standards in social studies and science, along with Common Core standards in English language arts.  There are various lessons designed to accommodate your time allotments; please feel free to tailor them to your classroom’s unique resources and goals.

The “Background/Vocabulary” includes the story of the Arabia’s sinking and excavation, along with key vocabulary words that will be utilized during the tour.  It is best to share this information with your class before the field trip.  Seeing and hearing the vocabulary beforehand will make it easier to comprehend the guided tour and appreciate the context of the artifacts on display.  Other activities range from simple activity sheets to an ambitious mock excavation; they can be utilized before or after the tour or omitted for time.  It is our hope to offer an excellent Kansas City field trip, relevant to local history, while providing teachers with multiple options to build connections between their own curricula and the story of the Steamboat Arabia.

Our Elementary Discovery Field Trip is fun for Kindergarten through second grade classes discovering ways to connect with the past.  Students will learn to identify artifacts and gain an appreciation for history by viewing artifacts firsthand.  Our lesson plans connect the tour to a beginning understanding of Midwestern geography through maps and river systems.  Any discussion of archaeology, transportation systems, the history of technology, Missouri history, or Kansas history is enriched by visiting the museum.  Best of all, young students will love seeing our working 28-foot paddlewheel.  For questions about our programs or to schedule a tour, please call 816-471-1856 or email:


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