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Floating_sinking_2_flat_simple-short_1Today, the Arabia Steamboat Museum is one of Kansas City’s most popular attractions.  Shortly after the grand opening in November 1991, local newspaper The Kansas City Star declared the Arabia “Rookie of the Year.”  Since then, more than two million visitors have learned about the lives of the Western pioneers through the museum’s numerous exhibits.  Some are attracted by one of the greatest treasure-hunting stories ever told; others are amazed to see artifacts of frontier life.  U.S. News & World Report ranks the Arabia Steamboat Museum #1 on its list “Best Things to Do in Kansas City.”

Every year, the Arabia remains a popular Kansas City field trip destination.  Some teachers now return with their own classes after visiting on field trips when they were in grade school.  Many Kansas City adults have fond memories of field trips to the Arabia.  In addition to schools, we also host RV groups, motorcoach tours, scout troops, church groups, family reunions, and all types of organizations.  The Arabia’s treasures include something for guests of all ages.

Kansas City is home to several world-class museums, and among them the Arabia Steamboat Museum is unique and truly local.  Representing a slice of life in the Midwest from over 150 years ago, this Kansas City attraction draws visitors from all over the world.  Visit KC voted the Arabia “Favorite Kansas City Hidden Gem” in their 8th Annual Visitors’ Choice Awards in 2014.  From the world’s oldest pickles, to the tools of the frontier, to a replica of a perfume from 1856, where else can you experience the sights—and smells—of local history?  Finally, don’t be surprised if during your visit you are greeted by one of the original excavators; they often are here to welcome the guests and share their story firsthand.

When the Arabia sank, some said she carried gold…others said fine china.   What was actually discovered will amaze you.  Visit us in the historic City Market, established in 1857, just a few blocks from the old steamboat landing where the Arabia made her last stop on that fateful journey.


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