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Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia, by David Hawley.

Experience the thrill of discovery as you explore page after page of stunning photographs and stories of this historical excavation. This coffee table sized photo book was written by David Hawley, excavator of the Arabia. It is filled with stories and large photos of the excavation and many of the recovered artifacts.

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Treasure In A Cornfield, by Greg Hawley

This Book includes: 150 color photographs and illustrations, a chronological story of the Arabia excavation, cargo distribution diagram, and complete Arabia inventory.  Treasure hunter Greg Hawley chronicles this amazing story of perseverance and discovery.  Lavishly illustrated and carefully documented, this book is a page turning adventure that immerses the reader into the thrilling discovery of buried treasure.

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Size: 7 in. X 9 in.
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“Bit of the Boat in a Bottle” Memento

This Memento contains a real fragment from the hull of the Great White Arabia. Your purchase of a Bit of the Boat display will help preserve the Arabia’s treasure. Conservators estimate that preservation of this enormous discovery will take an additional twenty-five years. Your help will provide future generations a window into the past.

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Capture the romance and adventure of the Western Frontier with the fragrance For Always.

Excavators recovered this precious French perfume that traveled half-way around the world only to be lost when the “Great White Arabia” sank in the Missouri River in 1856. Discover the fragrance that transcends time, For Always.

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Size: 1/2 FL OZ
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Discover a fragrance from a time when the West was young.

Excavators recovered precious bottles of French perfume aboard the Steamboat Arabia.  The ill fated steamer sank in the Missouri river in 1856.  The perfume traveled half-way around the globe by steamship, locomotive, and finally riverboat, only to be lost in one brief moment over 140 years ago. Experience the excitement and romance of the western frontier with the fragrance of 1856.

Products: 1856 Perfume

Size: 1/2 FL OZ
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Frozen Charlotte

Frozen Charlottes are small molded dolls that were popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries and were so named for a favorite American legend.

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The Fall and Rise of the Steamboat Arabia

The Fall and Rise of the Steamboat Arabia. A video adventure, share the struggles and relive the triumphs of these unlikely heroes who turned a Kansas cornfield into a treasure hunters dream.

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