The General Store

General Store



general-stor-01Stepping inside the Arabia’s General Store is like traveling back to the year 1856. This is just how the frontier stores appear in old photographs. The shelves are stocked with all manner of frontier supplies. Here, you will see bottled fruits and pickles that are over 150 years old.


You are seeing stick matches and the round wooden case that carried them. Look closely at the darkened ends of the sticks. This was once the sulfur that would ignite the match.

A large number of traveling inkwells and other writing instruments were discovered in the collection.

Hundreds of glass panes intended for frontier homes and stores were found packaged in wooden crates labeled NEW YORK GLASS. Some of these glass panes are built into the window frames in the museum’s General Store.


A large variety of locks and keys were discovered packed in barrels and boxes. Many of the locks were so well preserved they still operate.

A number of brass bells were recovered in the cargo. This small brass bell measures about 3 inches tall and has been recreated for sale in the museum’s gift shop.


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