The Cargo Gallery

Cargo Gallery


cargo-gallery-02Behold the treasure!  It’s everywhere you look. The collection includes European dishware, tools, firearms, lamps, clothing, writing instruments and much more. The discovery has been called the King Tut’s Tomb of the Missouri River.cargo-gallery-05


Recovered from deep in the earth where no oxygen was present, the items survived for over a century in remarkable condition.The Arabia’s supplies were intended for 16 different towns along the Missouri River. Many stores lost their inventory of goods when the streamer sank, including a variety of hand tools for the frontier craftsman.

A variety of tin coffee pots and cups were numbered in the collection, as well as other tinware items. Goods such as these were not only used by the settlers, but also by Native Americans.

cargo-gallery-06Barrels and boxes filled with Wedgwood China and other remarkable examples of dishware were recovered. Wrapped in straw for protection, most survived without even a scratch.

Firearms were important for protection and gathering food. Many examples of guns and their accessories were found, including brass powder flasks, bullet molds, and percussion caps.

An impressive display of clay pipes, pipe stems, and tobacco were numbered in the discovery. These items are often associated with Native American trading goods.


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